I served as project manager for this 448-page engine and parts catalog, and was one of the three designers on the creative team. We worked with product photographers to direct the photography, did all the retouching and photo manipulation in-house. and organized and typeset all the information.

The piece also celebrates the 40th anniversary of this division of GM—we were charged with researching and writing historical content for the catalog. We also combed through a large collection of historic photographs to pair with the written content. These stories were sprinkled throughout the catalog to amuse and inform readers. The end result serves as both a parts and engine catalog, a historical narrative and an exciting marketing piece for dealers and auto enthusiasts alike.

[Art Director: Richard Rae; Copywriter: Dirk Fischbach; Project Manager: Liese Zahabi; Design and production team: Laura Browalski, Richard Rae, Liese Zahabi]