Important health issues to you/your community?

Having places to go exercise

  • Facilities with recreation (tennis courts/pools)
  • No swimming pools for lessons, one woman said that her child has to travel all the way to Ogden to the Marshal White Center for her child’s swim practice
  • Like how Ogden promotes hiking trails, bicycling, lots of healthy activities

Air quality and natural environment

  • Some people felt they had good air quality except for the times when farmers are burning their fields creates health problems
  • Some people felt the air and water quality is good
  • Some people felt that there is bad air quality as a result of too many vehicles and not utilized other transportation means
  • Some people felt the air quality is not good, but not as bad as it is in Davis County
  • Not enough promotion for less car use to improve air quality; not enough promotion for bike riding specifically
  • Air quality is something we struggle with, programs are in place, could be more stringent, need to change people’s mindset, to get people to use public transportation

Issues around food

  • Lack of knowledge for eating and preparing healthier foods
  • Nutritious food at food banks
  • Easy access to fast food- busy schedule fast pace of life: “don’t have an eating schedule anymore”; “we don’t pay attention to what we are eating”

Perceptions of safety

  • One woman said “ Ogden is not known as a safe city to walk around in”
  • Ogden is up and coming now, can remember how bad 25th street used to be, now it’s a hub

Social issues

  • Poverty (behind higher rates)
  • Education
  • High suicide rates; parents lost to suicide; need more outreach for prevention
  • Depression: “depression stems from people here not very social, people tend to stick with their family”
  • Cultural differences: “my kids can’t play with certain kids in the neighborhood because we’re not Mormon”
  • Barriers when you’re not part of the dominant religion


  • Alternate transportation is out there, if people choose to use it; some people afraid to use it
  • Lack of bike lanes, and bad drivers on the streets for bikers; not a “bike friendly area”