What do you like about living in your community?

Geography and environment

  • Mountains
  • Access to outdoors and state parks
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Geology of the area; the scenery, “love driving up the canyons”
  • Water quality is good (more than one participant agreed)


  • Weber State University
  • More than one person said they like the schools
  • Good education system
  • Ogden works hard at improving their community
  • Diversity of businesses (big and small companies)
  • Like working in Ogden, primarily because we work together, willing to come together for the greater good instead of individual agendas, good feel of cooperation


  • Easy access parking; good parking; free parking
  • Transportation system has improved and is very good now
  • Proximity to I-15 and grocery stores

Services/Access to Care

  • Prenatal care at midtown clinic is good
  • Hospitals and health clinics are close
  • RAMP program: for kids
  • Free lunches for kids at the parks during the summer
  • Farmers Market-one resident stated, “I wish it would last throughout the year”
  • Marshall White Center (local community recreation center)
  • Good hospitals and emergency rooms
  • Weber Human Services (“great service”, “helpful”)
  • Libraries
  • Early intervention programs


  • Feels safe; some even feel they can leave their doors unlocked
  • Not dangerous as people say
  • Many said that they feel safer than in bigger cities
  • In comparison to bigger cities, crime rate isn’t the same; “I feel safer here”
  • There is a perception that Ogden is not safe; it’s an old, weird idea, but it persists

Social aspects

  • Friendly, helpful, and safe neighborhoods
  • You get to know your neighbors
  • Neighbors are willing to help out and look out for you
  • There are a lot of volunteers in the area, including doctors who are willing to help out
  • Volunteer opportunities/ and many people in the community who volunteer
  • Clean neighborhoods/ no garbage or gang graffiti
  • The people, “good people”
  • A lot of diversity


  • Mellow, calmer than Salt Lake City or other bigger cities
  • “Slower pace of life than Davis County”
  • One man said that “it’s like I’m in Mayberry”
  • Smaller town, less “complicated”
  • Cost of living is affordable; more affordable than other areas
  • Access easy; transportation, parking, streets less confusing and busy than big cities
  • Access to things (bigger cities are not too far)
  • Everything is closer and you don’t have to get on the freeway to get to locations


  • More places to take the children/ activities for children
  • Active outdoor life
  • Outdoor recreation, and trails; the city keeps working on their trails and takes care of them
  • Recreation has improved much since earlier times
  • Arts (the arts)
  • Local parks

Other benefits/thoughts

  • The history of the area
  • You get to experience all four seasons
  • National rankings have boosted image of Ogden