Published Work

L. Zahabi, “Exploring Information-Triage: Speculative Interface Tools to Help College Students Conduct Online Research,” A. Marcus (Ed.):DUXU/HCII 2013, Part IV, LNCS 8015, pp. 611–620, 2013.
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L.Zahabi, “Visualizing Information-Triage: a speculative and metaphoric interface for making sense of online searching,” M. Huang and W. Huang, editors, Innovative Approaches of Data Visualization and Visual Analytics, IGI Global, July 2013.

L. Zahabi, Seeking Information-Triage: Comparative interface tools to help users manage complexity and mitigate anxiety during online searching, Master of Graphic Design Thesis, North Carolina State University College of Design, May 2010.

Master of Graphic Design, Interface Publication, North Carolina State University College of Design, Spring 2009.


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