As the pace of scientific discovery and innovation accelerates, there is an urgent cultural need to reflect thoughtfully about these epic changes and challenges. The challenges of the twenty-first century require new interdisciplinary collaborations, which place questions of meanings and values on the agenda. We need to put questions about the universe and the universal back at the heart of the university. — William Grassie

Interaction Design does not easily slot into any one place within academia—it is a powerful mix of art, design, computer science, information science, psychology, anthropology and engineering. As such, I have the opportunity and ability to make meaningful connections across the University of New Hampshire’s campus, engaging in both pedagogy and research.

Design is everywhere—it is a highly visible and accessible part of modern life, and it is extremely context dependent. Because of this, my research and pedagogy can meaningfully connect to almost every other discipline within the university. I believe it is my duty and gift to continue to make these connections and create possibilities and opportunities for students, faculty, and community to work together solving problems, asking questions, and creating design.