This project began with my thesis research in graduate school, and has continued with funded research the summer of 2012, which included IRB approved user-testing studies, the refinement of speculative interface-prototypes, the development of an article, a published chapter in an edited book, and a speaking engagement at the Human Computer Interaction International Conference (my paper will also be published in the conference proceedings).

This research focuses on how college students engage with research online, and I have extensive plans to continue developing future speculative interfaces, user-testing studies and articles in the next three years.

You can view animations of the first three speculative interfaces developed for this work below:

Narrative Guide

Information-Triage Study: Narrative Guide Interface from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.


Mise en Place

Information-Triage Study: Mise en Place Interface from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.


Intelligent Path

Information-Triage Study: Intelligent Path Interface from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.