My current creative work focuses on the more poetic and ambiguous side of search, and includes several versions of a piece called An Exquisite Morass. The initial work was shown in the WSU Department of Visual Arts biennial faculty show in 2012, and presented at the WORDIMAGE/IMAGEWORD conference at the School of Visual Arts in NYC in 2012. This piece uses search results from Google as the raw material for the creation of patterned image tiles and typographic compositions, which are then displayed through animations and a website.

The theater department utilized new artwork built upon this idea for the WSU production of The Comedy of Oedipus in 2013—I created digital tiles using images related to Egyptian past and present found through online searches. These images were projected onto the set in time with dialogue and action in the play.

Another variation of this work was created in the summer of 2013, and is being shown in a curated show called Non-Text at Eastern Michigan University, and will travel to the gallery at Eastern Illinois University. This version of the work features framed prints and typography made on a 3D printer, and explores how we perceive information that was once digital, when it is re-rendered in a tangible and physical form.