Could a filter be developed to visually show relevance? Are there different ways an
interface might display complex information without using hierarchical lists? Can a designerly language feel authentic to an existing web forum community?

This project was prompted by a desire to experiment with information design for a specific community. We were asked to find a point of intersection between our explorations from the semester and the beginnings of our thesis project. I wanted to examine the ways in which information can be delivered to a user, and the ways in which that user can interact with information.

The three different kinds of elements within this interface enable users to reconfigure the information by large categories, forum members and specific food items. The user is also able to scroll through the landscape and turn filters on and off to privilege the different kinds of information.

By limiting viewing access to a small frame of the greater landscape, I am beginning to examine how interface can help a user prioritize and focus. I am also exploring different ways connections can be visualized within different kinds of information.

A Filter for Relevance…. from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.