The prompt for this set of explorations centered around isolating moments within speculative interfaces as a way to investigate interaction and user experience. We were asked to generate a list of three user motivations (why someone would use an interface), and three attributes of experience (what an interface might be like). We then had to mix and match these terms to create six separate interface moments—some build upon each other, some stand alone.

The terms I used were: curiosity and fragility, to examine and delicious, and to play and quirky. The resulting interfaces investigate mood, movement, user behavior, interactivity, and user expectations and assumptions. By isolating small moments we were able to speculate how entire systems and interfaces might function, and how they could fit into the larger cultural landscape.

Throughout this project I found myself very interested in the notions of user expectations: both those the user brings to the interface (how do they expect it to look/function/respond), and the expectations the user might perceive the interface has of them. How little direction can you provide a user to guide them? Does an interface have to be rational? How might we create open-ended experiences?

Six Moments: Interface Moments Compilation… from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.