For this collaboration, I met with the production staff once a week and worked closely with Jenny Kokai the director, and the student assigned to running the projection system.

The play is broken into three acts, and as the story progresses, we wanted the projection art to also change and progress. The overarching conceptual theme for the projections was to suggest the idea of “media”, and to then speed up that media during each subsequent act.

All images were sourced from Creative Commons online, and all headlines were written by me based on moments within the dialogue of the play.


Photos from the production

The Comedy of Oedipus: Photos from production of show from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.


Act I

Oedipus ActI from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.


Act II

The Comedy of Oedipus: Act II from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.



Oedipus Act III from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.