As part of the Aspen Design Challenge (addressing global challenges regarding water), one of my classmates and I created this online experience. We entered the larger problem of water conservation through the lens of recreation and travel.

The approach is to engage travelers through an online quiz on Expedia and other travel sites to determine their water use “footprint.” The quiz reveals facts and stats about water use in relation to how the user answers questions. As the user makes choices, the interface pushes the ripples of information further out, showing how the impact on water grows with every decision they make.
As more choices are made, images related to their proposed trip create a collage. The quiz rates the user’s trip in terms of “hydro-friendliness,” and the interface responds with an increasingly complex feeling through the build-up of rings, icons and images in the collage.

The final screen of the quiz links back to the Hydro-Friendly Program and its website (which certifies deserving resorts/hotels/activities as being “hydro-friendly”) with the hope that the user will be motivated to start there when planning any future trips.

[Travelight interface conceived of and built by Tony Fugolo and Liese Zahabi]

Travelight Interface… from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.