Spoke at the MACAA Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska

Spoke at the MACAA Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska

I had the opportunity to speak at the MACAA Conference in October at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Here is a link to the MACAA conference website: http://www.macaart.org/conference.html

And this is the panel title and description:

Homunculus to Hansen Robotics: Embodied Artificial Intelligence, Evil Geniuses and Ethical Futures
Session Co-Chairs: Molly Morin, Weber State University and Scott Horsley, Colby Sawyer College
What is the nature of embodied artificial intelligence and what conceptual frameworks should
we explore it through. Can art present emerging technologies as being bound within the realm
of ethics as intelligent machines physically and structurally enter our space? If technological
development is a creative act, can disciplines within art and design help to conceptualize the
development of embodied technologies and the motives of its makers? In what ways is
invention analogous to creation in the arts? Conventionally, film, art, and literature take on the
role of warning, presenting dystopian futures, worst case scenarios, and disasters. As robots
become increasingly mimetic, and artificial intelligence increasingly fluid, what can we mine
from the history of art, the practice of creation, and our understanding of representation to
build new generative pathways for the development of intelligent machines. Can art imagine
technologies that support a humane, habitable, and sustainable future.

The title for my talk:

User Experience Design in a World Where Machines Not Only Listen to Us, but Also Talk Back


And finally, here is a video of my presentation:

When you make everything bold, nothing is bold from Liese Zahabi on Vimeo.