Design Thinking has become something of a buzz word. In an attempt to delve deeper into these concepts, and link them to the actual ways of thinking, my classmates and I created this exhibition of 16 posters. We also created letter sized handouts for each concept which will soon be posted to the Cooper-Hewitt education website.

Each of us were assigned a method of design thinking: metaphorical thinking, visual thinking, schemas, prototyping, situatedness, lateral thinking, morphological thinking, the innovation process, rules and constraints, scenarios, pattern making, framing context, hand/mind connections, concept mapping, and sketching and modeling.

My poster focused on metaphorical thinking, and I researched, wrote and designed the finished product. From the main text: “Designers, in particular, use metaphors to communicate with audiences and users. The use of a brand new object becomes comprehensible when compared to something we already understand. The desktop metaphor of a computer, for example, allows us to ignore the task of learning code and to transfer behaviors from the analog world to digital environments. We can move files into folders and throw them in the trash without learning the complex code behind these tasks, because we already understand these behaviors in the analog world.”

[Design Thinking Poster Exhibit conceived of and designed by NCSU graduate students: Tania Allen, Cady Bean-Smith, Brooke Chornyak, Sidney Fritts, Tony Fugolo, Lincoln Hancock, Marty Lane, Sam Kim, Kelly Murdoch-Kitt, Dan McCafferty, Caroline Maxcy Prietz, Alberto Rigau, Robert Ruehlman, Rebecca Tegtmeyer, Lauren Waugh, and Liese Zahabi]