Our task for this project was to reveal something about Raleigh using the concepts of space from Kevin Lynch’s Image of the City, and theories of schemas. I worked with three of my classmates to examine the local music scene and create an online experience which would allow users to more actively participate within it.

Our process included researching the local music scene, creating concept and behavior maps, and rethinking notions of what an online experience could and should be. The end result is an interface that explores notions of space, the organization and privileging of information, and how meaningful connections are made.

We also explored different ways in which the user could create and inhabit a personal space on the site. After several different conceptual iterations, we finally created the drawer concept seen above. Our final presentation also included a mobile application which would allow users to interact with the website (and fellow users) while attending shows and other events.

[Wall of Sound Interface conceived of and designed by NCSU graduate students: Tania Allen, Lincoln Hancock, Alberto Rigau, and Liese Zahabi]

SCHOOL: Wall of Sound Prototype from Lincoln Hancock on Vimeo.